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Tūtaki at the Lower Hutt Events Centre

Tutaki Café is your one stop shop serving all day

Tūtaki at the Lower Hutt Events Centre offers a range of organic coffee roasts to suit individual tastes, a wide selection of aromatic teas and an all-day gourmet menu designed by our executive chefs to tantalise your taste buds.

About Tutaki

All Day Global Delights

Savour the essence of Wellington’s culinary diversity at Tūtaki Cafe. Our chefs craft every dish passionately and precisely, marrying traditional flavours with contemporary twists. Our menu offers local favourites, cafe classics, and unique dishes inspired by Wellington’s culture. Tūtaki Cafe offers a compelling journey for the palate, from breakfast to lunch and artisanal coffee blends. Every plate tells a story of culinary treasures waiting to be discovered in the heart of Wellington.

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The Best Food At Tutaki

What’s On At Tutaki

Discover an ever-evolving gastronomic journey through our “What’s On” section. Each month, our chefs curate menu promotions inspired by distinct regions around the world. Our cafe adapts to the changing seasons, crafting promotions and hosting events celebrating unique flavours and moods.

Join us for our 2023 official Christmas Lunch or our classic High Tea ritual every weekend from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM, reminiscent of elegant afternoons spent leisurely sipping.

Stay connected with us, as we’re always brewing something special, offering new reasons to revisit and relish the diverse experiences at Tūtaki.

What’s On
Monthly Specials at Tutaki
Potato Wada Burger